Essential Hakuba Info

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Getting Cash

Only 2 places in Hakuba accept foreign issued cash/credit cards for a cash advance. The Post Office, right across the main road in front of Hakuba Station, or the 711 on  Olympic Road near Echoland/Misorano.

Taxis in Hakuba 

Alps Taxi 0261-72 2221                            (note: all Taxi’s stop service at 1am)

Hakuba Kanko Taxi 0261-72 2337

Ohmachi Meitetsu Taxi 0261-72-2236

Car Hire

Ask us to arrange a car for you...

Provisioning Service

Arrive to find all your favorite foods and drinks...cold beer waiting in the fridge! Pre-order from our extensive selection of grocery items. At only a 20% mark-up it saves you the hassle of going to the supermarket when you arrive. Please request our shopping list order form

Getting to the Supermarket 

The best place to shop in Hakuba is Max Value Supermarket...they carry a  good selection of international brand well as all the Japanese goodies! Not really walking distance from the Cottage, to get there you’ll need to ride the Shuttle Bus, call a taxi...or call us.

We offer door to door shopping run service (up to 1 hour for ¥3,000)