Getting Here


We’ve prepared a table of the most popular ways to get from Narita International Airport (near Tokyo) to Hakuba in the Japanese Alps, 260km away.

We recommend the Bullet Train for anyone arriving before 5pm and the Nagano Snow Shuttle or Chuo Taxi for anyone arriving after 4pm and who wish to stay in Hakuba that night.

We are more than happy to help you with your travel arrangements to Hakuba. We can also make a reservation for the Nagano Snow Shuttle for you. Coming from Osaka is relatively easy by train and you need to allow 5-6 hours.

Bullet Train
4 Hours
Nagano Snow

6 Hours
Alpico bus service
5- 6 Hours
Normal Train
5- 6 Hours
Highway Bus
5- 6 Hours
Shared Taxi
4.5 – 6 hrs*
Skyliner to
Ueno Train Station
Narita / Haneda Airport to
Hakuba train station
Narita Airport to Happo Bus Terminal Narita Express to
Shinjuku Train Station
Narita Express (or Airport Limousine)
to Shinjuku Train Station
Narita Airport
direct to
wadanogateway Lodge
Asama Shinkansen to
Nagano Station
Super Azusa to
Hakuba Station
Keio Bus to
Happo Transit Centre
Convert Yen to Your Currency:
12,100 Yen
One way
10,500 Yen
One Way
10,000 Yen
One Way
11,180 Yen
One Way
7,810 Yen
Return ticket discount
applies for the Keio Bus
19,000 Yen
23,000 Yen
Return, when you purchase a 4-day JR East Flexi Pass
21,000 Yen
19,000 Yen
20,000 Yen
Return, when you purchase a 4-day JR East
Flexi Pass
14,720 Yen
Return, when return Keio
bus ticket is purchased
on departure
35,000 Yen
* You may be required to wait at the airport for up to 1.5 hours for the taxi to depart

bullet-train.jpgBULLET TRAIN

Quickest way to get to Hakuba. There's 3 connections, but they're well synchronized.

    1. Catch the Skyliner or trains to Ueno or Tokyo Train Station.
    2. Transfer through to the JR Trains at Ueno which are about 200 meters out and to the left. The Shinkansen terminals are on platforms 19 from Ueno station and marked with green train symbol. Catch the Asama Shinkansen. The Asama bullet trains generally runs every 30 minutes during the day. Connections at Tokyo are within the same building. 
For those with JR Rail passes this is the next quickest option.
    1. Catch the Narita Express to Tokyo train station
    2. Transfer through to the Shinkansen terminals marked with green train symbol and catch the Asama Shinkansen. The Asama bullet trains generally runs every 30 minutes during the day.
    3. At Nagano Station, go to the east exit and find bus stop #53 which is the last bus stop passed the taxi rank. Catch the Alpico bus to Hakuba destinations.

This bus leaves every 60-80 minutes from 8:20am to 8:30pm and costs 2,200 yen. Please check with the Alpico website for updated times and info. Please remember that the last departing bus to Hakuba from Nagano station is at 8:30pm and you have limited train options to Hakuba after this time and would be better off staying over night in Nagano. There is a Comfort Inn on the West side of the station that is affordable (walk over train tracks to west then turn right and walk up about 400m).


There is an International ATM located in the 7/11 Convenience store opposite the Alpico bus stop on the East side of the train station, this is a good place to get additional cash for your stay as International ATM's are limited in Hakuba like most of Japan.

For a Japan-wide train timetable and route search, try

direct-bus.jpgALPICO BUS

The Direct Bus service provides one round trip every day from December 20th to the March 2nd. Good option as long as you can make the early departure (8:25am from Narita Airport).

This service includes a wide and comfortable reclining chair and Wi-Fi Internet enroute. There's a rest stop every two hours, at Miyoshi Parking Area and Tobu-Yunomaru Service Area.

Book your ticket online and read more: Direct Bus Service


The Snow Shuttle has multiple departures from Narita Airport every day between December 18th to March 15th with the following departure times: 9:30am, 12:45pm, 3:30pm & 8:30pm. Some services operate between 26th Dec - 23rd Feb.

Haneda Departures operate between 21st Dec - 1st March and have the following departure times: 7:30am, 1:30pm & 4:15pm and some services operate between 26th Dec - 23rd Feb.

This is a door to door service like the Chuo shared taxi but much cheaper and saves having to lug bags between connections when catching the trains to Nagano and then bus to Hakuba.

We can make the Nagano Snow Shuttle reservation for you and arrange a late night check in simply provide us the names of those travelling with you and your flight details.

We strongly recommend that you reserve your shuttle at the time of booking your accommodaiton to ensure availability.

normal-train.jpgNORMAL TRAIN

Cheapest options for those with a JR Rail pass returning to Tokyo.

1. Catch the Narita Express to Shinjuku Train Station

2. Catch the Chuo Limited Express (Super Azusa) departs from Shinjuku Station directly to Hakuba once daily at 7:30am and there are frequent departures to Matsumoto where you can then connect to the local train through to Hakuba.

For a Japan-wide train timetable and route search, try

alpico-bus.jpgHIGHWAY BUS

Best option for one way trips and for those who do not purchase a JR Rail pass.

Easy and affordable (4,850 yen one way) to get from Tokyo to Hakuba. Be careful as there is a limited number of departures per day (6 per day 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, see timetable below) The ride is generally 5 hours with two rest stops on the way if there is no traffic jams. During holidays and weekend commuting times, be prepared for delayed times.

To find the bus terminal, exit Shinjuku Station on the west side and follow the signs, or exit on the street level and cross the street and turn left, go one block and turn right. The terminal is across from Yodabashi Camera.

Check out the bus website for additional information.


Route Option #1 - South and West part of Tokyo

  1. Take the Chuo Expressway to the Okaya Junction and then turn onto the Nagano Expressway following the signs to Nagano.
  2. Take the exit at Toyoshina Interchange and follow the 147 & 148 routes that go through Omachi then to Hakuba.

Route Option #2 - North and East Tokyo

  1. Take the Kanetsu Expressway to the Fujioka Junction and then turn onto the Joshinetsu Expressway following the Nagano signs.
  2. Take the exit at Nagano Interchange and follow the Hakuba Nagano Olympic Road to Hakuba.

 chuo-taxi.jpgSHARED TAXI

Hassle Free transfer to Hakuba.

Although not the cheapest option a shared taxi will meet you at the airport and drop you directly in Hakuba. Convenient for families with children as it saves you from navigating around train stations and lugging your luggage around. Prices are set per person and no discount is provided if a return ticket is purchased. Bookings do need to be made 5 days prior. View their website for more info.